A quick update

Dear Readers,

this will be a quick update since I have tons of work to do this weekend, as I need to prepare myself for next week.

But I am happy to announce, that I saddled in at work. I got used to the work pace and I don’t need to ask a 1000 questions anymore, to understand, what I have to do. So you can imagine how happy I am about that.

The project I am currently working on is also going well. I received a huge compliment from my mentor for my effort. I will tell you more about that in one month or so when I will have completed the project.

And when you ever get the chance to visit Seattle be sure, to spend the Space Needle a little visit. I visited it about 2 weeks ago and the view was striking. It’s definitely a must see!

See you in 2 weeks!

Lots of love – Alina


One thought on “A quick update

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  1. Hi Alina,
    It’s great to read that you’re doing well and settling in!
    I love that you share your ups and downs as it really helps me getting over my downs. Everyone has a hard time fitting in, and you have made that clear with your blog!
    Thanks a lot for putting so much time into this!
    Indra Van Nieuwenhove


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