Let the time fix it!

Hello everybody,

One week since my last blogpost, and a lot has changed. Well actually not that much, only the amount of work I am currently dealing with has tripled. Every single day of the week I haven’t been home before 10 PM.

It has been quit an eye-opener. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my job. I guess, I did expect it to be like my internship, but I was a bit wrong. I am sure that everything will work out, but I just have to get through the couple of first months and figure out the right balance between my work and private life.

Something else I experienced are the cultural barriers. For me it was unthinkable to experience problems with the American culture, because I did my internship in Seattle. Now I really have to interact with my colleagues. When I was an intern, I felt like I was standing more on the outside and observing, what was happening, than being part of it.

It doesn’t concern me though, I know I am a flexible person and easily willing to adapt to the situation or culture. So this will be a self-resolving issue over time.

Today I am taking a little break from work. Together with my colleague Kate, who is becoming a good friend, I am going to visit the Space Needle and do all the other tourist cliché stuff, I still didn’t have any time to do.

Enjoy your Sunday

Lot’s of love – Alina


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