Let’s start working!

Hi guys,

Today is Saturday and I am writing this blogpost from my bed, drinking my morning coffee while I am recovering from my first week at the new job.

The week started calmly. On Monday my mentor, who takes me under his wings and who is going to show me the drill around here, presented the projects, that the marketing department is currently working on. He explained every project very well. It seems like he is a knowledgeable man and that he knows what he is talking about. I assume, that in the future I can learn a lot from him.

He assigned me to the team, that is working on the Christmas campaign for next year. I hope to gain a lot of experience over the next few months and years. So one day I can lead my own team and project.

From Tuesday on the workload increased a lot. I must multi task and rotate between different departments and tasks to fulfil my part of the job. It is tricky, but still doable. I hope, I don’t screw anything up, that would be disastrous. And that I will bring my first assignment to a good end. Maybe even a great end.

Let’s start working!

Lot’s of love – Alina


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