Let the games begin!

Hi everybody,

I know, it has been a couple of weeks since the last time I wrote, but let me tell you, that it was quite a journey to get here. After the airline company lost all my luggage, I was desperate and missed my home and family so much. Suddenly it hit me, how far away from home I was. But nevertheless, I had to keep going and it couldn’t get any worse, right?

I bought myself some new clothes, furnished my apartment so it would feel a bit more like home and I explored my neighbourhood and finally it isn’t that bad at all.

Next Monday I will start to work at my dream job, but first I had to get through my introduction week. The company organised it, because they hired a couple of other students, who interned for them in the summer. I am very glad, they organised an introduction. You get to know the workplace, they explain everything and you can get to know your new colleagues on an informal base. Together were are a fun group of 5 school leavers, 2 of them will be working in the logistics department and the others including me will join the marketing department. They also assigned us a personal mentor, to coach us in the new work environment.

Now I feel like I am totally ready for this new work experience.

Let the games begin!

Lot’s of love – Alina



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