The good life

Hey Guys

Right now life is treating me pretty well. The weather has been amazing the last couple of days and at work everything is still going great.

Because our Christmas campaign is almost finished, they assigned me on to a new project. It is a secret project, so I cannot tell you anything about it, but one thing I know for sure is, that it’s going to be a serious challenge. But as you probably all know by now is, that I love challenges. So I am all up for it.

As everything in life, this project also has its pros and cons. Of course the challenge and that they already trust me so much by giving me this project, is a huge boost for my self-confidence. The only part that is a bit negative is, that the workload will increase a lot. Which I don’t mind at all, I like to be kept busy.

And the other thing that that is making me smile the last couple of days is, that my friend from Belgium, Annemarie, who I know since I was thirteen, will come and visit me this summer!

She was the one I could always lean on in every possible life situation you can think of. Yesterday she called me out of the blue and she told me, that she had bought tickets to come and visit me this summer. When we talked, I realised how much I missed her. Because of the amount of work, I hadn’t much time to talk to anyone at home.

I am really looking forward to this summer, it will be a welcoming change of pace.

Now I really must go, but I hope you are all enjoying life as much as I am.

Talk to you soon!

Lots of love – Alina



A quick update

Dear Readers,

this will be a quick update since I have tons of work to do this weekend, as I need to prepare myself for next week.

But I am happy to announce, that I saddled in at work. I got used to the work pace and I don’t need to ask a 1000 questions anymore, to understand, what I have to do. So you can imagine how happy I am about that.

The project I am currently working on is also going well. I received a huge compliment from my mentor for my effort. I will tell you more about that in one month or so when I will have completed the project.

And when you ever get the chance to visit Seattle be sure, to spend the Space Needle a little visit. I visited it about 2 weeks ago and the view was striking. It’s definitely a must see!

See you in 2 weeks!

Lots of love – Alina

Let the time fix it!

Hello everybody,

One week since my last blogpost, and a lot has changed. Well actually not that much, only the amount of work I am currently dealing with has tripled. Every single day of the week I haven’t been home before 10 PM.

It has been quit an eye-opener. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my job. I guess, I did expect it to be like my internship, but I was a bit wrong. I am sure that everything will work out, but I just have to get through the couple of first months and figure out the right balance between my work and private life.

Something else I experienced are the cultural barriers. For me it was unthinkable to experience problems with the American culture, because I did my internship in Seattle. Now I really have to interact with my colleagues. When I was an intern, I felt like I was standing more on the outside and observing, what was happening, than being part of it.

It doesn’t concern me though, I know I am a flexible person and easily willing to adapt to the situation or culture. So this will be a self-resolving issue over time.

Today I am taking a little break from work. Together with my colleague Kate, who is becoming a good friend, I am going to visit the Space Needle and do all the other tourist cliché stuff, I still didn’t have any time to do.

Enjoy your Sunday

Lot’s of love – Alina

Let’s start working!

Hi guys,

Today is Saturday and I am writing this blogpost from my bed, drinking my morning coffee while I am recovering from my first week at the new job.

The week started calmly. On Monday my mentor, who takes me under his wings and who is going to show me the drill around here, presented the projects, that the marketing department is currently working on. He explained every project very well. It seems like he is a knowledgeable man and that he knows what he is talking about. I assume, that in the future I can learn a lot from him.

He assigned me to the team, that is working on the Christmas campaign for next year. I hope to gain a lot of experience over the next few months and years. So one day I can lead my own team and project.

From Tuesday on the workload increased a lot. I must multi task and rotate between different departments and tasks to fulfil my part of the job. It is tricky, but still doable. I hope, I don’t screw anything up, that would be disastrous. And that I will bring my first assignment to a good end. Maybe even a great end.

Let’s start working!

Lot’s of love – Alina

Let the games begin!

Hi everybody,

I know, it has been a couple of weeks since the last time I wrote, but let me tell you, that it was quite a journey to get here. After the airline company lost all my luggage, I was desperate and missed my home and family so much. Suddenly it hit me, how far away from home I was. But nevertheless, I had to keep going and it couldn’t get any worse, right?

I bought myself some new clothes, furnished my apartment so it would feel a bit more like home and I explored my neighbourhood and finally it isn’t that bad at all.

Next Monday I will start to work at my dream job, but first I had to get through my introduction week. The company organised it, because they hired a couple of other students, who interned for them in the summer. I am very glad, they organised an introduction. You get to know the workplace, they explain everything and you can get to know your new colleagues on an informal base. Together were are a fun group of 5 school leavers, 2 of them will be working in the logistics department and the others including me will join the marketing department. They also assigned us a personal mentor, to coach us in the new work environment.

Now I feel like I am totally ready for this new work experience.

Let the games begin!

Lot’s of love – Alina


Let’s start the journey !

Hello everybody,

My name is Alina. I am 23 years old and I want to take you on my journey. But first I will tell you something more about myself. I will graduate at the first of March and finally get my degree of International Business Management(IBM). You probably can imagine how happy I will be! After that day I will be a free women, I can do whatever I want and choose when I want to do it. Don’t think that I will be partying for the next century to celebrate my freedom. When I was little my dad always told me:”when life gives you a shot, you should take it and make something great of it”. And that’s what I am going to do, well at least try to do.

Let me explain…

In our third year of college we had to do an international internship in a company of our choice and due to my coffee addiction I really wanted to get into Starbucks. Let me tell you,that it was one of the hardest things, I had to accomplish during my studies, but hard work pays off, it really did. It was so much fun working there, an experience in a lifetime. As you can guess, I was very sad, when the last working day arrived, but it would be a day full of surprises!


I was the happiest person on earth. So that’s what I am going to do. On Monday the 6th of March, I will get on a plane with direction: Seattle – Washington (USA) and on the twentieth of Match I will start working in the marketing department of Starbucks.

Let the journey begin!

Lot’s of love -Alina



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